PortmeiriCon 2018

Friday 20th April 2018


Sunday 22nd April 2018

Six of One is very pleased to announce that this year's special convention guest is Tony Sloman

Tony Sloman

Tony was the series Film Librarian and his extensive CV makes him a leading authority in his field. He worked closely with Patrick McGoohan on The Prisoner and was present on many of the film sets during production.

SIX of ONE is delighted to welcome Tony back to PortmeiriCon for 2018.  Tony is a cinema critic and historian, whose long career has encompassed many facets of film making. He has worked in the film and television industry since 1964, as an actor, director, editor, sound editor, production manager, producer and screenwriter.

Tony Sloman’s considerable involvement in ‘The Prisoner’ series resulted, almost directly, as a result of working previously with director Don Chaffey on the Hammer production ‘One Million Years, B.C.’ at Elstree Studios. However he says it was his professional involvement as Second Assistant Editor on two previous film features, ‘Where the Spies Are’ at MGM Borehamwood Studios (1964-65) and ‘Othello’ at Shepperton Studios (1965) on which Tony says he acquired the right professional qualifications he needed for ‘The Prisoner’ television series at MGM Borehamwood Studios (1966-67).

Tony on the big red phone to the Boss.

Tony has a sense of detail and naturally inspired enthusiasm when it comes to the technical aspects of film-making. We very much look forward to sharing Tony’s memories, some untold until now, during some exciting and interesting sessions over the convention weekend.

Also, in addition to our special convention guest, PortmeiriCon 2018 will be packed with stimulating and interesting items and events, both indoors and outdoors.  There is no real better way to celebrate The Prisoner than being in Portmeirion where it was filmed. Plus, with a full weekend convention programme for all to savour,  everyone is sure to enjoy a memorable weekend in the Village.

Tim Beddows makes his first visit to PortmeiriCon as a convention guest and Six of One extends a warm welcome to him. Tim is the Managing Director of Network Distributing, who held their own star studded 50th celebration of The Prisoner, in Portmeirion last September. Tim will be talking about the event and his company, and how its encyclopaedic knowledge and access to TV and film industry archives, has brought back to the marketplace a wealth of material that would otherwise have been left unseen.

We have another special treat in store at this years convention, with the visit of Joanna van der Meer, from the British Film Institute. Joanna will be attending our event for the first time and she will be  presenting a very special interactive animation workshop, based on the exciting concept ‘Animate the Prisoner’, with the emphasis on Fun!





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This years convention will celebrate another special landmark occasion, with the 50th anniversary of the transmission of 'Fall Out', the last episode of The Prisoner. The final episode in 1968 created much confusion as it unfolded, leaving many fans and viewers with a sense of anger and frustration over a clouded conclusion. However and perhaps ironically, the nonconformity ending of the final episode was an act of genius. The unexpected finale of the series  probably significantly contributed to the programme's longevity and to the cult status it gained in transit. The Prisoner is quite unique and it is easy to understand the global fascination and obsession it has attracted over the past five decades.

Tim BeddowsJoanna van der Meer

This years Prisoner Convention is full of exciting and varied events for everyone to enjoy. Outside activities over the weekend include the iconic re-enactments of the village election parade from 'Free for All and the human chess match from 'Checkmate'. 

The Tally-Ho Theatre group will be on hand to entertain us and there is a Village Tour of Portmeirion, which also takes in the film locations en-route.

Indoors, the Town Hall will be bursting with items to keep everyone fully entertained throughout the whole weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday evening.  There are guest interviews with Tony Sloman, Tim Beddows, Joanna van der Meer and Author Ruth Wheeler. Six of One's own thespian Brian Gorman returns this year to present his latest production of 'Everyone', every episode of The Prisoner in 45 minutes.

Brian GormanRuth Wheeler

Amongst the other delights, there will be a screening of the highlights from last year's special guest interview, with Christopher Benjamin; Special conversation sessions with extras from the location filming in Portmeirion; The Brain Bash session; 2017 Festival Number 6 film and report; Video archives and members film slide shows; Micro fiction workshop; The Prisoner prize raffle: A fabulous Dance of the Dead fancy dress wrap party, with Beatles tribute band and a Cuddly Toy!


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Photo © Ant Brierley




Join in the fun of the annual “The Prisoner” convention, held in the grounds of Portmeirion, the colourful setting that doubled for “The Village” in the TV series.


With a full programme of both inside and outside events, the convention is a must-attend for every enthusiast of The Prisoner or those interested in cult television generally.


The current Six of One administration team have been organising conventions at Portmeirion since 2001 and each year strive to make the next convention even better. Conventions are self-financing and the organisation, preparation, setting up and running of the event each year is on a completely voluntary basis, provided by a dedicated group of people. Conventions are for members and are always promoted and run in a very friendly atmosphere. Six of One would like to thank Portmeirion and all their staff for all of their support and the continued success of Portmeiricon.



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The Prisoner


Patrick McGoohan plays a man who resigns from a top secret position and is abducted from his London home. He finds himself in a beautiful village where everything is bright and cheerful – the people, their clothes, the buildings, the flowers. But despite this rosy exterior, the village serves a sinister purpose.


People are forcibly brought there in order to have their valuable knowledge protected or extracted. Everyone in the village is assigned a number instead of a name – the prisoner is Number Six. Chief interrogator and administrator is Number Two, but he isn’t the boss – an unseen Number One is the boss.


Failure is not tolerated in the village, and most episodes feature a new Number Two, though some are privileged to return for a second chance to break Number Six and discover why he resigned. The Prisoner struggles to keep this information from his captors and to find out which side runs the village and where it is. He strives to discover the identity of Number One , and above all, he attempts to escape.  


The Prisoner - More Information



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