Six of One Membership


An annual subscription to 'Six of One' provides members with a tri-annual glossy colour magazine "Orange Alert," which is packed full of Prisoner articles, including news and views, photographs, production stills, behind the scenes revelations and interesting facts & articles on The Prisoner and Six of One society news.


Society membership also allows you to register  and attend Six of One's annual Prisoner convention 'PortmeiriCon', which is held in Portmeirion each year, where the series was filmed.


New members joining from 1st July onwards, will receive a complementary CD containing PDF copies of the previous subscription year's three magazines. This will be sent out in August and the first magazine of the subscription year will be sent out in October. Members receive three society magazines each subscription year, in  October, and the following February and June.



The Prisoner Convention



Each year we hold our Prisoner convention at Portmeirion  in North Wales, where the series was filmed. You can register now for the convention, either on-line or by post, using the Convention link button on the top of the home page.


For purposes of PortmeiriCon registration, there is no need to wait. Your membership status is immediate and therefore, you can register for the Prisoner convention upon joining Six of One.


Regular convention updates and news will appear on this website and the Six of One Facebook site, Twitter and Instagram social media sites.


Website:  www.sixofone.co


Facebook:  www.facebook.com/PatrickMcGoohanisThePrisoner/


Twitter:  twitter.com/SixofOne_No6


Instagram:  www.instagram.com/sixofoneprisoner/