‘ESCAPE’ – The Virtual PortmeiriCon 2021

Weekend of 24th – 25th April 2021


During the last 12 months life has been extremely difficult living with covid-19 globally, with many people never experiencing such awful challenges and losses in their lifetime before. Consequently the virus has affected so many people and their lives, with substantial parts of everyday life being shut down, restricted or placed on hold.


Six of One had to make a difficult decision last year not to proceed with PortmeiriCon 2020 because of the ongoing Covid virus situation, the frequently changing government rules and restrictions, and the uncertainty that laid ahead. Unfortunately because of the ongoing Covid situation this year, it was decided that it would not be possible to stage PortmeiriCon 2021 either, which is very disappointing for everyone. However all is not lost and the convention organisers have decided it would be a really nice idea to stage a virtual PortmeiriCon event, over what would have been the actual convention weekend in Portmeirion.


Hopefully the virtual event will bring some welcome cheer and happiness to the people who are unable to attend the real convention this year. It will also provide a good opportunity to show non-members what actually goes on during the event and provide a nice flavour of experiencing an exciting convention weekend in Portmeirion.


Six of One will be working closely with Portmeirion on this project and collaborating with many people and members to produce the virtual event. If you would like to submit an item for the virtual PortmeiriCon event, e.g. home videos / slide shows / photos etc., relating to any past or recent Prisoner conventions, Portmeirion itself, external Prisoner film locations like Borehamwood and London and any Prisoner related items, please send an email to:  escapetvp@protonmail.com with your item details or any ideas that you may have. Alternatively you can send a private message from this page and a team member will contact you.


We would really like to do an item around the origins of how the society began and the subsequent conventions that grew out of this. If anyone has some video or photographs of the very early conventions held at Portmerion in the seventies and eighties, we would love to hear from you.


We hope ‘Escape’ will be an exciting and stimulating online event in April and provide some warmth and pleasure during these very difficult and trying times. So please get involved and search your Prisoner vaults for anything suitable. Updates about the event and information on how to view it will be provided here over the coming weeks and months. We very much look forward to be seeing you (virtually) at ‘Escape’ The Virtual PortmeiriCon 2021.


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