Registration Rates



The convention registration price has been kept the same as the last three years

and the cost of registration for members for PortmeiriCon 2021 is as follows:


Weekend Registration  -   £40 per person


Saturday and Sunday Registration  -   £35 per person


Saturday only  -   £25 per person


Sunday only  -   £25 per person




Please read the convention notes below before making your event registration.


The convention programme is planned many months before the event and convention organisers often book guests, performers and plan weekend activities well in advance. While the convention organisers always strive to secure advance bookings, there is always a possibility that guests / artistes may cancel at late notice. Subsequently, the convention organisers reserve the right to cancel any items or activities at short notice and cannot be held responsible for said changes to the planned programme.


While there have been very few cancellations in the past, it is always a possibility that some items or activities may have to be changed, re-scheduled,  altered, or cancelled completely at short notice, if it is  beyond the organisers control, during or before  the convention weekend. Any such changes to  the  programme will be announced on the day, or  earlier if possible. Convention organisers will  always do  their best to provide an alternative  item or activity, if there is  a late change or cancellation to  the programme.


Please note Conventions are self-financing and registrations are required to fund the costs of the weekend event. Most of the costs are paid in advance of the event and for this reason, unfortunately it is not possible to refund registration payments, if you later cancel your attendance.


If Six of One is forced to cancel the event due to circumstances beyond its control, a refund will be made on a pro-rata basis.


We hope members will continue to support Six of One's special events in Portmeirion and enjoy a truly fun packed and memorable weekend.







 Convention registration enquiries should be emailed to:



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