A message to members further to Portmeirion’s closure announcement on Saturday 21st. March 2020, following a call by the UK Government's Prime Minister for all restaurants, cafes and bars to close.


Accommodation Bookings – Hotel and Self-Catering


Six of One is now arranging refunds of members’ accommodation booking costs and each member will be contacted individually by us to arrange the payment. Members who booked their accommodation directly with Portmeirion, including any accommodation before or after the convention weekend, should please deal with Portmeirion direct and not through Six of One.


Convention Registrations


As soon as refunds of accommodation bookings have been dealt with we will process convention registration fee refunds. As members are aware, each year conventions are self-financing and registrations are needed to fund the costs of the weekend event. Many of the costs have to be paid in advance of the event and for this reason it may not be possible to recoup the whole of the registration fees. Amounts refundable will be dependent on what monies have already been paid out towards the convention and how much might be recoverable. Once this has been calculated, each member will be contacted and will receive if possible a full refund, or alternatively an equal share of the remaining balance in the registration account.


We hope members will be patient and bear with us at this unprecedented time, while we process the accommodation and registration fee refunds. All correspondence and enquiries should be emailed to:




Regarding any non-Portmeirion accommodation bookings, or travel costs, or air fares etc., made or incurred by members direct, please contact the relevant establishment or travel provider you booked with, or your credit card company, or insurance company.


It was with great sadness that the society learned that the convention could not go ahead this year. Six of One’s admin team send good wishes to all and hope that everyone stays healthy and safe over the coming weeks and months. We hope that when the current crisis has passed we will all be able to enjoy a future convention together back in Portmeirion.













IMPORTANT - PORTMEIRION has just announced the closure of The Village from 21st March 2020 to visitor and staying guests until the Hotel is advised that it can re-open. Their statement dated 21/03/20 says:


‘Following a call by the UK Government's Prime Minister on Friday night 20 March 2020 for all restaurants, cafes and bars to close the next day, 21 March, and also the Chancellor's addition that all shops should close, Portmeirion has acted on this announcement and closed the village to day visitor and staying guests until we are advised that we can re-open. We are glad that we have managed to protect the jobs of our 230 colleagues and that these positions are safeguarded for the future. We are sorry that we have had to disappoint visitors who wished to come here, but we are sure that people will understand we had no choice in the matter. We look forward to re-opening in accordance with the Prime Minister’s estimate of 12 weeks to overcome the coronavirus crisis. Our target re-opening date is therefore 1st July 2020. However, if an earlier date is announced, we will re-open sooner. We wish to thank you for your understanding and support during this difficult time. This statement will be updated as and when the situation changes’


News and updates will be provided by the society online at www.sixofone.co and in the meantime the society’s team members extend their wish for all society members to remain in good health and free from the effects of the current virus situation. This Spring mailing notice has been produced at a very late stage and so the matter of Convention Registration fees and/or Accommodation payments will be given attention as soon as possible and information will be provided to all members concerned.










19th March 2020


Planning and arrangements for the 2020 convention are still in progress and the convention organisation team are continuing as normal at this time.

Six of One will continue to monitor the situation regarding the virus and for any subsequent action the government may take or legislation they may enforce.


Updates or announcements regarding the virus and the convention will be posted on the Six of One home page and members should visit this regularly over the coming weeks to check for any updates or announcements.



Portmeirion have announced that they do not plan to close or cancel any events or bookings and their intention is to stay open. Further information regarding this can be found by visiting the Portmeirion website at https://portmeirion.wales and by following their webpage link to  ‘Statement Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)' at





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