Earl Cameron 1917 - 2020

It is with sadness to hear of the news that Earl Cameron CBE has died just two months short of his 103rd birthday.


Prisoner fans will remember that Earl played the Village Supervisor No.106 in the episode Schizoid Man. He delivered one of the series most memorable lines when replying to No.2’s comments about No.12… “In Haiti we'd say he's stolen his soul.”


Earl was one of the first Black actors to star in a British feature film and has been described as a pioneering actor with a long and lustrous career. An actor who shared the screen with Sean Connery in the James Bond movie Thunderball and Sidney Poitier in A Warm December, amongst his varied and extensive theatrical credits.


He appeared in four episodes of Danger Man, ‘The Galloping Major' (1964); ‘Parallel Lines Sometimes Meet’ (1965); ‘Loyalty Always Pays’ (1965) and ‘Someone Is Liable to Get Hurt’ (1966).


Earl and his wife Barbara were Six of One’s special guests at PortmeiriCon 2008 and members who attended will remember what a lovely man he was and what a special couple they were.


Earl Cameron was appointed a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in 2009 and he continued working into his late nineties. Six of One marked the occasion by sending him a personal No.100 badge when he reached his hundredth birthday.


When celebrating reaching a century, Earl was asked by a journalist what he would tell his younger self. He answered, “Just cool it, you know. Don’t take life too seriously,” he added, “but take it seriously enough to take good care of yourself.”


Although this is a sad time, it is also time to celebrate Earl’s remarkable life and achievements and living to an amazing age of 102. Farewell dear friend.