To apply for convention accommodation in Portmeirion, please use the form sent with your society magazine Orange Alert.


General enquiries should be sent to:
Accommodation, c/o Ant Brierley
6 Ashurst Close, Hyde, Cheshire. SK14 5SW

or email


Please Note: Before applying for convention accommodation, you must firstly be a current Six of One  member and also be registered for the 2023 Prisoner convention. Unfortunately any applications for village accommodation can not be processed unless the above requirements are fulfilled.


Once your accommodation is booked with Portmeirion, their hotel full Terms and Conditions apply and Six of One’s involvement ceases. It is important therefore that members read Portmeirion’s T&C’s at:

Please note, that the Six of One administration team members do not accept individual responsibility or legal liability in respect of activities, organised events and all associated accommodation bookings made on behalf of members.


Alternatively, If you intend to stay outside the Village, there is a useful link below to ‘’, which lists accommodation in the surrounding area of Portmeirion.

Please note that admittance to all indoor events and items at the Prisoner convention, will be strictly for Six of One members only, who have also registered for the event.




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